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When I Want to Fall Apart

Our family was a happy family. We were living “the life.” When we found out that my husband had staff infection in his brain, it was totally devastating. My husband had been drafted to a team in the NFL after a successful college football career. The news came as our family was preparing to embark with him on this career.  The treatment of this infection would make it impossible for my husband to continue in football. Soon after, however, it became apparent that he was filling the void with alcohol. He would go to rehab but would then return to his vices. I kept thinking our family could get back to where we had been.  After years of trying to make the marriage work, the kids and I finally had to leave. 

"God keeps me strong, even when I want to fall apart."

There are times I’ve questioned God. I’ve asked, “How could you let this happen”? It’s so frustrating to not understand. There are so many fears and difficulties that come with raising four kids. Sometimes I feel numb. I found myself praying and my relationship with God came back. God has provided a place to live, care for my kids, and generous people. God keeps me strong, even when I want to fall apart. God has worked in miraculous ways in our family. 

[Editor's note: When we initially published Sage's story, she was in need a vehicle. We shared the need with the New Heights community and a young man in the church stepped up and donated a car for Sage and her family. It was a wonderful example of how God provides through His people.]

Sage Stafford


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