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Jonathan, his wife Juliet, and their children: Galilee, 10, and Judea, 8, were pulled out of Nicaragua, away from their global work there, in the midst of safety concerns during civil unrest.

"Probably the most difficult aspect of suddenly being back in the states from the field has been trying to explain it to our two girls. It is hard enough for an adult to comprehend the sudden change, but to explain to a child the details of military conflict and why we suddenly had to move away from home is a difficult task. We have worked in several countries, but Nicaragua feels most like home to our girls. I asked Galilee what she missed from Nicaragua, and she said "pigs foot soup," so I'd say she is pretty Nicaraguan.

"We are learning to release control over our lives to God. We've never positioned ourselves as the key reason our ministry in Nicaragua is successful. Amazingly, in the midst of incredible political and economic turmoil, not one of the many enterprises we have led in Nicaragua has shut down in our absence.

"We have been truly grateful to the people who care enough to ask deeper questions about how things are going with us. While we are here we are taking care of ourselves, getting refreshed so that we can be ready when the time comes to go back."



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