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Why Do I Need the Church?

Too many hypocrites • I can find better teaching online • I love God, but not the church • The church is too judgmental
The church is irrelevant today • I can worship better in nature • I have been hurt by the Church • Christians are weird

The wrongs of the church are many. The hurts we have suffered are real. The people in the church are flawed. It is true that I can connect with God on my own, and find amazing teaching and incredible resources elsewhere.

But while I am pondering these realities, God is doing amazing things in His church. He is doing them daily here at New Heights. He is doing them in other churches in Fayetteville, across the country and the globe.

He has chosen the local church as the place that He works. He has given each of us gifts that work best together. He is using us to strengthen each other in our weakness and call each other out. He puts us in places of dependency where we have to forgive each other with His strength alone. He is using our unity to bring care to orphans, widows and the needy. He wants to bring healing as we pray for each other.

Will you be part of what He is doing here, today, at New Heights Church?


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