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You Can't Outspend God

I'm 85 and I have eight children and 22 grandchildren. I love being at New Heights and getting to watch all the kids. With 22 grandchildren, you realize what an investment the church is making in young people. There are so many children here and the Lord is taking care of them. 

"I didn’t realize that you can’t outspend God."

One way I have seen the Lord take care of me, personally, has been in my finances.  After I came to New Heights, I decided that if I was going to be in church, my money was going to go to the Lord. I just made that decision. As I give my offering, I can see God taking care of my finances. I pay my rent, my bills, and my offering, and God takes care of it all. Everything I do, he blesses. I didn’t realize that you can’t outspend God. I think I finally learned that.

Cedric Bryant


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