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Meals for Ukraine

June 04
Right now, millions of Ukrainians are fleeing their homeland. With fearful hearts and food insecurity a daily threat, they are in search of hope.

You can help.

New Heights is partnering with Multipli Global, Lifeline Christian Mission, Feed the Hungry, and Bob Goff’s Love Does to provide meals for these Ukrainian refugees. Our goal is to pack and send 285,000 meals (enough to fill one shipping container) from Fayetteville to a refugee center near the Ukraine border. We have already raised $75,000 to cover the cost of these meals!

How can I help?

You can make a difference

There are two ways you can have a direct impact:
~ give financially
~ pack meals on Saturday, June 4th

Give Financially

Our goal was to raise $75,000 to pay for 285,000 meals packed and delivered from Fayetteville to Ukrainian refugees. Just over a dollar feeds a family of four. Because of your generosity we've now raised more than enough to cover the cost! Please consider donating your time to make it happen.

Pack Meals

Packing 285,000 meals in one day is no easy feat, but together we can make it happen and have fun serving too. Just 2 hours of your time can make a huge difference! On Saturday, June 4th, from 8:00am - 6:00pm, we are turning the Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club into an international food packing facility. Sign up now for a 2-hour slot. It'll be a fun, family-friendly way to make a tangible difference. We recommend signing up with family, friends, or your community group to serve together in the same time slot. Sign up below or see our FAQ for more details.

Sign Up 


We'll be working together in small groups at the Boys & Girls Club gym. Lifeline Christian Mission will have it all organized and directed for us. Each shift is 2 hours, including training time and clean up. Everyone will have a specific job and we'll have fun music playing to work to. Check out this video to get an idea.

Yes! This is a great opportunity for kids to have fun serving alongside their parents.

Yes! Each shift, including training and cleanup, is 2 hours. If you'd like to serve more, that's awesome!

Yes! This is a great opportunity to bring a friend who doesn't go to New Heights or perhaps isn't even a Christian.

There has been a big push from many people and organizations at the beginning of this crisis, but the effects will be long-lasting. Storage space right now is a challenge, and many of the first refugees out of Ukraine have means or family connections to initially help them. However, by June we anticipate many more refugees will be in need of food.

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