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Deeper: An Intergenerational Intensive

August 31

Deeper is a semester-long, intergenerational discipleship and community intensive designed for those who are ready to commit to rhythms and practices that put following Jesus at the center of our lives.

Wednesdays, 6-9pm (8/31 – 12/14) OR Thursdays, 6-9pm (9/1 – 12/15)

You and I were made for deep relationship and purpose with God and others. In fact, Jesus wants to lead us into this life when he invites us to follow him and his Way. Yet, in our fast-paced, hurried culture, faithful discipleship alongside others so easily gets pushed to the margins of our life.

This intensive enables you to create intentional space to nurture your connection to Jesus and to others through high-quality teaching, firsthand experiences with God and powerful communal practices. In order to foster this environment, the bar must be high in terms of commitment to both our Lord Jesus and to the others with whom you will go deeper.  

Lastly, we believe that discipleship is best nurtured in intergenerational community. Thus, these groups will consist of a mixture of demographics in order to foster community with those your age as well as those in different seasons of life. Our hope is that this atmosphere can put those needing examples to follow and those with life experience to share in deep connection with each other.

So, count the cost: Is it worth rearranging your life for rich relationship and profound purpose with God and others?  If so, then let’s lock arms and go deeper together! 

Cost is $50/person. Space is limited. Have questions? Contact Mick Colananni at mick [at]

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