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Ephesians 6:18

Prayer has always been an important part of every ministry and decision at New Heights Church. Our founding families, upon experiencing a yearning in their hearts for something more, made a covenant with each other not to talk about it for three months, but rather, to seek God’s wisdom through fervent but private prayer, regarding the advisability of starting a new church.  The New Heights Church you experience today is a direct result of these prayers.

Prayer remains a core value of New Heights Church.  To this end, New Heights has initiated many ministries whose primary focus is prayer and intercession for the body and the community. Below are some of our prayer initiatives.

New Heights Prayer Loft

New Heights elders, pastors, and staff, and hundreds of intercessors in our congregation receive and pray over New Heights prayer requests. Prayer requests are sent over email and can also be found and prayed for here.  To become part of New Heights Prayer intercessors and receive prayer requests, sign up here or contact Brad Dutton: braddutton [at]

Sunday Up Front Prayer Team

If you would like to be prayed over in-person, Up Front Prayer Team members are available to pray with you at the end of each Sunday morning service. To become a member of the Up Front Prayer Team, contact Dennis Petersen: dennis [at]

In-Service Prayer Team

If you would like to be prayed for in-person during Sunday morning services, please find the Prayer Table in the Hallway behind the west wall of the Gym at the Boys and Girls Club. To become part of the In-Service Prayer Team, contact Karen Pope: kevpope [at]

Ozark Worship Night Prophetic Prayer Team

Ozark Worship Night is a once per month service on Saturday evenings dedicated to worshipping the Lord and seeking to hear from Him in real time. New Heights' Prophetic Prayer Team make themselves available to seek God's prophetic words of encouragement for those attending. They are also available to come to community groups, or pray over individuals.

Discernment Prayer

Discernment Prayer is a time for allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to the deepest parts of our soul the healing that we need to be free from whatever is hindering us and/ keeping us in bondage so that we can fully live a life worthy of the freedom that He came for us to have. Click here to sign up.

Global Prayer Team

Each Thursday, from 11:30am-12:30pm – a Zoom meeting takes place in which local intercessors meet with and pray with many of New Heights’ Global Workers.  If you would like to take part in this weekly Zoom meeting, please contact Dennis Petersen at: dennis [at]

Fayetteville Prayer Room

FPR is a ministry of New Heights Church to the Northwest Arkansas Community.  Its purpose is to honor God with a public place dedicated to prayer, worship, confession and thanksgiving, and to reach across denominational boundaries through unified prayer and worship.

3rd Tuesday Prayer Team

On the 3rd Tuesday of each month, Intercessors from New Heights pray for the prayer needs of our community which have been submitted by chaplains and other believers imbedded within NWA community organizations and ministries.  If you would like to become a member of the 3rd Tuesday Prayer Team, contact Dennis Petersen: dennis [at]

NWA Prayer Line

NWA Prayer Line is a ministry of Fayetteville Prayer Room.  People in  Northwest Arkansas can call anytime day or night and receive prayer from a trained prayer minister.  Call or text Toll-Free 24/7:  (855) 523-PRAY    (855) 523-7729

The Fount

A 9-month discipleship program that focuses on a balanced training on the prophetic gifting. Click here for more info.


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