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Young Professionals ministry desires to serve people who are looking for community after college and before having children.  Regardless of your relationship status, we are aware of the potential challenges faced by young professionals that make finding community especially difficult: new location, the burdens of work, the loss of old community, the anxiety of finding meaningful relationships.  We are here to come around you and to help you navigate all this.

If you are a YoPro, our goal is to invite and equip you to love God passionately and love people tangibly in the context of community.

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Community Groups

Each week, we have YoPro community groups meet where life is shared around Scripture and prayer.  This is the place where our young professionals foster deep meaningful relationships with God and others.  We would love to connect you to one of these groups.

Contact our Young Professionals Pastor, Mick Colananni at mick [at]

YoPro: Friday Night!

Our monthly YoPro Friday Night event is where we come together as a community and wrestle with the challenges we face as young professionals.  We eat a yummy meal together for just $5 and then hear a speaker on pertinent topics. After each event, we offer a fun social activity for those who want to stick around and continue to fellowship. Visit our facebook page to get details on all our events.

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