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We are created for connection: connection with God and connection with others. Being created in the image of God we are designed for community. Just as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have always shared life, we are meant to share life with God and with one another.

Community groups offer an opportunity for our deepest connections.

Community groups meeting in homes are the heartbeat of New Heights Church. They are the primary way we make a large church smaller. In community groups, deep and lasting relationships are formed as we live out our identity as the family of God. Our community groups provide a place where you can study, eat, worship, pray and serve with other believers.


How do I get connected?

There are many different types of community groups at New Heights-life stage groups, women’s groups, couples groups, mixed demographic groups, special focus groups, Discovery groups (for those new to New Heights), and more. For more information click on the link below or email us at community [at]

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