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Equip classes: where your heart can be renewed through in-depth Bible study and spiritual development. New Heights Equip classes will challenge you to go deeper in your understanding of God’s word and live authentically as a true disciple!

Upcoming live Equip classes are listed below, as well as online classes that you can watch anytime.


For questions about Equip classes, email kevin [at]

Online Classes

Watch & Learn Anytime

Dr. Wave Nunnally takes us into the Biblical world of Jesus in a three-part workshop. Session 1 is an overview of the land of Israel, using satellite mapping

When we commit to following Jesus, we commit to become like him. This “becoming like him” is a process known as spiritual formation, where the Holy Spirit

Jesus taught us that God is our Heavenly Father. This 3-session class gives us powerful truth about the heart of God and equips us to confidently pursue our

There is an unseen battle being waged around us. This three-session class will give you the practical biblical foundation to effectively engage is spiritual

This Equip class is all about finding the God-given value what we do - not just to get a paycheck, but throughout our days and lives. Whether you are a business


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