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Summer Training School (STS) is an 8 week summer project that combines in-depth discipleship with practical leadership experience! Each week you will intern in one of the ministries at New Heights as well as take Equip classes on subjects like: A Heart of Worship, Identity in Christ, the Power of the Church, Spiritual Warfare, and Strategic Missions.

When? June 4 - July 29. The internship is part-time in the afternoons, so you can work or take a college class.
How Much? $200 covers all Program Costs.
What Next? Applications are due by May 1st. For more info email Kevin Rusack at kevin [at]

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Summer Training School


Questions about Summer Training School

Summer Training School

We will have a 2 hour class, twice a week. In these times you will hear powerful teaching from pastors and ministry leaders on a variety of subjects. Each week you will meet in a small group to discuss and pray about all you are learning in the classroom. Below is a list of last year’s topics:

  •  Passion for God
  •  Worship
  •  Spiritual disciplines
  •  Identity in Christ
  •  Humility and grace
  •  Intercessory prayer
  •  Spiritual warfare
  •  Being led by the Spirit
  •  Leadership
  •  Making Disciples
  •  The Problem of Suffering
  •  Power of the Local Church
  •  Global Missions

Monday through Thursday from 1:30 – 4:30pm will be filled with worship and prayer time, class, small group, and internship service. One evening a week we will meet up for dinner at a Church leader’s home.  Fridays and Saturdays will be mostly unscheduled (although we will do two weekend retreats and a couple of fun outings). Additionally, you will serve at church on Sunday mornings.

We have heard things like:

“I grew more in 8 weeks than I did in 18 years!”
“My paradigm was shifted.”
“I feel like I really know God now.”
“I am experiencing new freedom in worship.”
“I loved how balanced and holistic the program was.”
“I discovered how to use my gifts.”
“The friendships and community were awesome.”

Um, Yeah!!! We will be a tight group that does life together as much as possible over the summer. Last year some of our adventures included a two-night cabin retreat, rock climbing, pool parties, and canoeing to name a few. Activities may vary, but plan on fun!

Our desire is to place you in an area of ministry that matches your passion and gifting. The Internship areas we currently offer are Children’s ministry (babies through 5th grade), Disabilities ministry, College Ministry, Worship Arts, Global Ministry, and Media Team.

Interns will learn a philosophy of ministry and leadership that applies to all areas of ministry within the church. Throughout the summer you will develop skills and get experience to set you up for success in all areas of life and ministry!

Contact Information

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